Commercial Hydraulics Supplies & RepairsAbout Commercial Hydraulics and Products

COMMERCIAL Hydraulics or Commercial Intertech is an industry leading producer of gear pumps, motors and cylinders, and is a major international supplier of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic controls and system components, worldwide.

They offer applications expertise in the integration of hydraulic components for customers seeking innovative solutions in fluid power design. The systems group in specialized on the requirements of material handling, turf maintenance, construction, agriculture and other high performance vehicles.

Ultra “PX” Series High Performance Gear Pumps

The Ultra “PX” Series gear pumps come in three frame sizes with displacements from 3.0 to52 cc./rev., and pressure ratings to 4000 PSI. The product range includes leading design features and market specific circuit capabilities.

300 Series and 2PR Gear Pumps

The “300” Series gear pumps come in four frame sizes with displacements from 10 to 147 cc/rev., and pressure ratings to 4000 PSI. This product design features a 3-piece housing construction with a field proven track recorder when under severe application conditions. 300 Series pumps are the recognized leader in construction, mining, forestry, and agriculture applications worldwide.

“Stealth” Series Low Noise Gear Pumps

The award winning Stealth technology is the industry’s benchmark for low noise and reliability. Stealth pumps use a dual element, split gear design, indexed out of phase, such that the odd harmonics of the output frequencies which minimize vehicle noise.


Cartridge Valve System

CEC provides cartridge valve based systems for mobile equipment markets.  Innovative design, systems applications and highly flexible manufacturing capabilities sets these above alternatives. CEC supplies customized circuits, cartridges and integrated packages for a wide variety of customer applications.

Directional control valves, they is a leading manufacturer of mobile directional control valves in both Europe and North America. Sectional and mono-block valves are available in flow ranges from 10 GPM to 100 GPM with standard pressure ratings up to 4000 PSI, for both open and closed center circuits. The Controls Division is also a leader in the application of electronic controls and eletro-hydraulic actuation systems.

MH20 Valve

The MH20 valve addresses the specific needs of the industrial lift truck industry. Both physically and functionally compatible with the most valves currently used in the industry, they provide performance improvements verses competition. The mono-block body designed with symmetrical coring , providing both performance and control advantages.

PVO Series Piston Pump

The PVO Series is a complete family of naturally aspirated axial piston swashplate units, for use as main implement pumps in construction, forestry, material handling and similar demanding applications.